What Looka is and its features

Looka is a logo generator powered by AI technology. It allows anyone to create a beautiful logo for their company/business and it doesn’t require any special design skills. It is fully automated. You should specify your preferences, and AI will do the rest of the work and produce a result no worse than professional designers.

Logo creation


To create a logo, you only need a few minutes. In fact, the AI will do everything by itself, but in order for it to know your preferences, you need to specify some information, like: what do you want? For what purpose? In what style? and so on. Also, you need to specify the name of the company. Other neural networks can help with this. For example: Namelix, Oberlo or Zyro. You can also add a slogan if you wish. If you need to, you will be able to change your preferences later

After the poll, the generation of different logos will start immediately. There are countless of them, in different colors, fonts, patterns and icons to suit every taste


After selecting your favorite logo, you can view more information about it or edit it. By clicking on the “Customize” button, you will be able to change the logo in every possible way, or make it completely different. On the left side there is a list of tools for editing. There are also ready-made, similar logos for those who do not want to manually change it

In addition, all objects that are located on the logo are separate, which allows for detailed editing

Brand Kit

On the right side you can see over 300+ branded materials. And by clicking on the Brand Kit button, the user is taken to a site with a detailed, detailed Brand Kit. There you can also see examples of merch/articles/advertising/design of the site or app itself with the logo as a design


Note: you can’t create a logo for free. And if you buy, Brand Kit comes separately, and the tariff with the ability to create/download the logo is separate. These are 2 different offers

Button line

The AI is really good, everything is fast, high quality, logos are minimalistic, beautiful. There are no minuses. Here are the reviews from the site – trustpilot: