Ideogram – AI Tool for Generating image | Google’s AI

Today, anyone without a background in design can create any picture using ai. One such neural network from Google called “ideogram”. A new version namely “ideogram 1.0” was released Feb 28, 2024.



Work ai. She can generate logos, people, animals, magic, anything. Unlike her competitors, she is skillful with text and fonts. Creates completely new images, so you don’t have to worry about copyrights.


To get this result:

You need to make the following query

High definition image,Realistic reflective Ultra chrome with global point of view lighting,An abstract figure of a woman using liquid metal or mercury could be an well detailed abdomen body,artistic representation that fuses the fluidity and malleability of liquid metal with the female human form,This figure could be sculpted or molded in such a way that the liquid metal flows and contours to create a unique, abstract artistic representation of a woman in different postures or poses. Mercury, known for its fluid and shiny nature, could be used to reflect light in a particularly striking way, creating a sense of movement and life in the abstract figure. The combination of the stylized human form with the texture and shine of liquid metal could evoke a sense of mystery, elegance and modernity in the artwork,High-Contrast Backdrops lighting to enhance,High global illumination.ᎩᗩᏆᔑ, fashion, illustration, cinematic, 3d render, conceptual art, photo, dark fantasy, portrait photography

Therefore, the query should be large and have as many keywords as possible. In response ai gives 4 different pictures, which can be remade or downloaded. You can only do 25 prompts per day for free.

When you make a prompt you can customize:

  1. Set image size ratios
  2. Upload your own picture and ask ai to change it
  3. ideogram model 0.1, 0.2, and 1.0 (it is recommended to use the last one)
  4. Private mode – when ai produces a result, it immediately posts it to the feed for everyone to see. You can use this mode to prevent others from seeing the result/query. It is available with premium
  5. Magic prompt

Magic prompt

Magic prompt is a feature to augment the original text. There are 3 modes:

  • On – neural network will supplement and decorate each prompt with prepositions.
  • Off – the prompt will be unchanged
  • Auto – will decide how many of the images will use the enhanced prompts based on the length of your initial prompt.


In the infinite ribbon, you can view the work of others. Also their profiles and how they achieved the result (the prompt itself). It is updated every 10 minutes. A photo found there can be uploaded.


Here’s a link to their website –