Turn Your Voice into Passive Income

How to make money from your voice with AI project Elevenlabs?

When we come across news related to artificial intelligence and copyrights, it is usually about scandals about illegal use of artists’ works for training graphic neural networks that generate pictures.

In the current article we will talk about something opposite. Namely: how to make money from something you own in the AI industry. To be more precise: how to turn your voice into a source of passive income?

And ElevenLabs project will help us in this – a service offering a set of tools related to voice speech in one way or another.

The earnings offer concerns first of all professional dubbing and voice actors. However, you can try even if you are not such. By the way, the library needs different voices: speech with an accent, etc.

Thus, ElevenLabs offers 2 options for cooperation:

  • Add your voice to the library – for any users
  • Cooperation on the basis of a license agreement – for professional voice actors.

Voice Library

To start cooperating with the project, you should follow 3 simple steps. First, just click on the big yellow “Start Earning Now” button on the project website. Next:

Record a 30-minute sample of your speech. AI ElevenLabs will generate a voice model based on it.
Place the clone of your voice in the library on the website, specifying the content categories for which it is acceptable to use it.

Get rewarded every time your voice is used by users of the service. Without any limits on the amount of earnings.

Earn stats on Elevenlabs site

License Agreement

For professional actors only. This offer will require you to record 3-11 hours of voice in the company’s professional studio in order to create an ultra-high quality voice model. Subsequently, your voice will be used by the project as one of ElevenLabs’ default voices.

Let’s move on to the most interesting part:

How much can I earn from this?

You have the opportunity to set a rate calculated in dollars per 1000 characters spoken by your voice for the company’s clients.

Otherwise, everything depends on the demand for your voice. The more it will be used – the more money will be charged to you. Indirectly, you can influence this by stimulating people to use your voice, attracting them to the service in any possible way.

By the way, the ElevenLabs project also has an affiliate program, which allows you to increase your income.

Earlier, passive income was the domain of professionals in one or another field of activity related to creativity. Writers, artists, designers and photographers selling their work on photostocks. And yes, of course, professional voice actors. Now, anyone can try using their voice to create a source of passive income using Artificial Intelligence technology!

Details can be found on the page.