QuillBot - paraphraser, summarizer, translator, grammar and plagiarism checker

QuillBot AI for work with text | Automatic writing text

QuillBot is a very big project, in the form of artificial intelligence, for word processing. It was developed in 2017, and now it is gaining a very big popularity. With its help, you can paraphrase, translate, shorten, check for errors in the text, as well as write out a quote from an article, video, book or magazine.

With him:

  • 75% of the time to work with the text will be saved
  • More than 50 million of people use QuillBot
  • 85% of students upgrade their grades


QuillBot text, paraphrases automatically, with ai. Already today, 23 languages are supported.

Before the query, you are offered to choose in which mode the neural network will paraphrase, there are 9 of them in total. The slider with synonyms allows you to choose one of two: accuracy or changes. You can paraphrase text from files by pasting it in a few clicks. A lot of features are available only with premium.

Grammar Checker

This feature allows you to check your text or document for grammatical errors and correct them in 1 click. You can also change its color, font, size, etc. Btw they use tiny.cloud for this. All for free.

QuillBot Flow

Basically, it’s an editor, like MCWord, with neural networks built in. If necessary, you can transfer pre-formatted text from Word or Google Docs. If you don’t know where to start writing, you can use the quick start feature to automatically create a few sentences. There are also already prepared, free, templates of different works. For example: resumes, letters, to-do lists, etc.

There are a lot of text formatting functions. You can also build tables, insert images, search for words and sentences among the text and replace them automatically if necessary, etc.

You can use their same ai here:

  1. To paraphrase
  2. Reduce
  3. Translate
  4. Generate or start writing text
  5. Set an example or vice versa, counter example
  6. Add a new point of view
  7. Or altogether, write an ai called “Flares”, which is what you need to do

The highlighted text can be listened to. A plagiarism checker is available with premium.

Plagiarism Checker

The function allows you to pass a plagiarism check in your text. It is available in 100+ languages. Unfortunately, you can only use it with Premium. With it you can scan 100 pages per month, each with 250 words.


PlayHT will retype the text when you type it. There are 2 modes of contraction:

  1. Reduce, you can choose how much to reduce (4 levels)
  2. And the key points cut (basic)

Completely free of charge. And, you can also insert text, directly from documents.


Available in 45 languages. Completely free, no restrictions. No voiceover, no ability to translate photos either. A simple translator, but quite accurate. It can even compete with DeepL, which, like QuillBot, was launched in 2017.

Citation Generator

Here the service will process the information and give the most important thing. You can insert resources such as:

  • Sites/pages
  • Magazines
  • Books
  • Video
  • Pictures

And the neural network will automatically scan and give out the most important information.

QuillBot Premium

QuillBot for Chrome, Word, macOS

QuillBot is available as an extension for Chrome. It already has 3+ million registered users. There is also an extension for Word and a free app for macOS. It’s very convenient, no more worrying about word grammar and sentence structure, the neural network will do everything by itself.

Bottom line

The interface is pleasant, user-friendly. With its help, you can paraphrase, translate, shorten, check for errors in the text, as well as write out a quote from an article, video, book or magazine, while all this is of high quality. Of course, half of the features are available with premium, but it’s relatively inexpensive. Here’s a link to the site itself – quillbot.com